Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Work, work work

Today was a normal day, i woke up to the sound of the most annoying thing, my alarm clock. I looked at it and told myself, "5 more minutes", That went on for 5 more times. Then i realized, Holy moly, i have 20 minutes to get ready for work. So I rush around the house getting my things together to make it out the door, Its a good thing I showered the night before and we are required to wear hats to work....So that all in all cuts down a lot of time. I did make it to work on time, I left around 2:15pm. It felt nice getting off that early. When I got home, Craig was there to greet me in the driveway. He surprised me and had our new yard lights put in with the help of his dad. They look so much nicer than the ones that were there, before the new lights are house looked like it was haunted. They just weren't very fancy, AT ALL.

I am very excited about having Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. We are thinking about taking a day trip to the ND State Fair...we'll see how that goes. Sometimes its just as nice staying home. :)

Caitlyn is still crusing along in her swimming lessons. It makes me so happy to see her in the water and not scared. I remember as a kid, I was deathly afraid(still am) of the water. I never did learn how to swim. So it makes me very relieved and so happy at the same time. My little girl is growing up so fast!

Logan is growing like a little weed as well! I bought some cookies at the store tonight and was filling the cookie jar, Logan comes walking up and starts pointing at the jar and yelling, "COOKIE, COOKIE". My boy loves to eat...he is not very picky. We have found maybe 3 things that he doesn't care for. But he's always willing to try! I think he gets that from his mama! :)

I hope everyone has a good rest of the week!

God Bless!

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  1. You're not picky???? I don't know about this one :)